Create a new project

Create a new Project

  1. Click on the “New” button on the top of the screen or click on “Create a new project” if you are not already on a project

  2. Enter the name of your new project

  3. Choose the unit system that is to be used for this project

  4. Click on “Create project and import plans”

The choice of the unit system for a project will allow you to have a default unit system for the data entry and display of dimensions.

No matter which unit system you decide on when creating your project, it can be modified. You will be able to:

  • Set the scale based on the unit system of the plan

  • Set the unit system for the default results on each take off item

  • Change the unit system of every results on the screen and in the reports


Import your PDF file

  1. There is three ways to import plans into a project:
    • Drag and drop your plan file into one of the dashed area at the left of the screen or at the right of the central window
    • Import plans directly from a project on ConstructBuy by clicking on the name of the name of the project, on the document and on the file you wish to import into your Takeoff project
    • Click on one of the two dashed area and navigate to your PDF file

  2. Click on “Import”, the conversion of the file might take a few minutes